Beitong x Hatsune Miku Limited Edition BTP-T6 Zeus PC/PlayStation 4/PS4/Switch Custom Button Gamepad Controller with Bluetooth Receiver


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The Beitong BTP-T6 Zeus is a custom gamepad controller that is designed for use with PC, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch gaming systems. The Hatsune Miku Limited Edition version of the controller is a special edition version that was released in collaboration with the popular virtual singer Hatsune Miku.

The BTP-T6 Zeus controller is equipped with Bluetooth technology, which allows it to be used wirelessly with compatible devices. It also has a built-in receiver that allows it to be used with PC systems. The controller has a comfortable ergonomic design and is equipped with multiple buttons and triggers for gaming control. It also has a customizable LED lighting system.

Overall, the Beitong BTP-T6 Zeus Hatsune Miku Limited Edition is a high-quality gamepad controller that is suitable for fans of Hatsune Miku or for anyone looking for a custom controller for use with PC, PlayStation 4, or Nintendo Switch systems.


【Double Vibration Function】

Strong vibration feedback for a personalized gaming experience, let the player feel like they are on the battlefield.


BEITONG BMC (BETOP Motion-Control) somatosensory mapping technology, without game support, you can control the movement and direction of the somatosensory handle, and can also manipulate the actions of the characters.

Powerful macro function: somatosensory button-trigger-vibration-oscillating light can be set through software. Please log in to Betop Game official website on your computer to download the [PC version] to install, and click [Elite Controller Assistant] in the upper right corner [Toolbox] to start setup.

【2.4G Wireless Connection】

It supports 2.4G wireless connection, plug-in headset (high-resolution audio wireless technology) and flying mouse function.

Headphone and microphone function: A stereo headphone and microphone connection end has also been added for the PS4 wireless controller. When you play the mulitplayer game, just use the provided mono headset microphone set for PS4 on the wireless controller to chat with game partners for more fun. (requires converter to support PS4)

【If you want to connect PS4】

The original product is not compatible with PS4/5, mainly for NS/PC platform, you need to use COOV T100S PS4 adapter, but it cannot guarantee successful connection to PS platform, users who have demand of PS platform please know the above situation. 


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