ASUS x Demon Slayer (Kimetsu no Yaiba) Tanjiro TUF M3 Gaming Mouse


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Popular anime Demon Slayer has teamed up with computer hardware brand ASUS to release an exciting gaming collection starring its protagonists.

This ASUS and Demon Slayer collaboration stars a TUF Gaming mouse inspired by Kamado Tanjiro. The background of the mouse’s scroll wheel showcases a checkered pattern similar to Tanjiro’s iconic kimono.

There’s also a kanji character “滅” printed at the bottom part of the mouse which means “annihilate.” In the anime, this same character can be found on the back of the slayers’ uniforms.



Resolution:800dpi-1600dpi-2400dpi-3200dpiMax Speed:100 ips
Max Acceleration:20 g
Button:7 programmable buttons
AURA Sync:Yes