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Flydigi Vader 3 Pro x Neon Genesis Evangelion Asuka Langley Sohryu Gaming Controller


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Flydigi Mechanics System

Flydigi Vader 3 pro brings you an unparalleled gaming experience, highly recommended

by gaming enthusiasts. Flydigi's mechanics system includes silky-smooth Hall Effect & Micro

Changable Triggers, self-developed rotational D-pad, precisely calibrated Hall effect joysticks,

mechanical 2.0 ABXY keys that provide quick and precise feedback.


Upgraded Hall Effect & Micro Changable Triggers & Hall Effect Joystick

The next top player is you! Flydigi Vader 3 pro equips 2 kinds triggers,

provide you with a smooth and precise control. Coupled with the Hall effect joysticks

that never get stick drift, Vader 3 pro will be the perfect assistant to your flawless gaming performance.



Upgraded 4-Motors Vibration & 800mAh High-Capacity Battery

Vader 3 pro will bring you an immersive and lasting gaming experience.

The counter weighted motors handbar areas and 2 triggers areas will provide you

with 4-motors vibration sensations, giving you the most realistic feedback.

With an 800mAh high-capacity battery, you will enjoy uninterrupted perfect gaming experience.



High-Precision Gyro Mapping

Accurately calibrated Six-Axis gyro mapping, combined with Flydigi's patented technology,

enables gyro mapping for mouse. Combined with Flydigi Space Station's custom gyro functionality,

you can activate gyro with a single button, allowing you to achieve precise aiming easily

and never miss a shot!


Comprehensively Enhanced Tactile Sensation

Flydigi is dedicated to selecting premium materials, 1000+ times manufacturing optimization,

and crafting top-notch controllers with excellent tactile feedback.

The upgraded metal logo enhances the overall visual appeal. Equipped with POM ring for smooth

and durable performance. The well-positioned 4 back buttons (M1-M4) are easy to trigger.

Offering high-end quality at an affordable price point!


Comprehensively Enhanced Visual Sensation

Whether it's dazzling color variations or light effects that synchronize with game scenes,

they enhance your gaming experience with unique visual enjoyment and immersive esports experience.

Vader 3 pro pc gaming controller elegant design and personalized lighting effects,

features a V-shaped light strip design with 16.8 million colors for free switching,

bringing you personalized lighting displays.



Multi-Platform Gaming Controller

Supported platforms: PC/Switch/Android/iOS.

Connection modes: wired/bluetooth 2.4G wireless receiver.


Gift Box mainly includes:

1*EVA Edition Gaming Controller

1*Carrying Bag

1*Charging Dock