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ROG Phone 5s x Demon Slayer (Kimetsu no Yaiba) Limited Edition Smartphone

ROG (Republic of Gamers)

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One of the most powerful, if not perhaps the best performing, among gaming smartphones is certainly ROG Phone 5s, which may soon become even more interesting. In fact, ASUS has presented its variant dedicated to Demon Slayer, the famous manga that is becoming popular all over the world.

By itself the design remains the same, but unlike the standard one, i LED light up in pink and the shell takes on the texture of the traditional dress worn by Nezuko kamado, one of the protagonists of the manga who then saw her anime transposition. And Nezuko also appears on the central printing of the smartphone.

Furthermore, inside the special package, we find the classic default cover, as well as the charger from 65W. What changes is actually the software, which always finds a custom skin theme Nezuko for both applications and wallpapers. And returning to the box, it too finds the peculiar female character mentioned above. The memory configuration in which it was launched is the one from 16 / 256 GB, who join the powerful Snapdragon 888 +.

ROG Phone 5s x Demon Slayer arrived in China with a list price of approx €735 (5.299 yuan), a slightly higher cost than the standard 5s in the same configuration, but considering the Limited Edition spirit of the product, it was predictable. Unfortunately there are no details regarding a possible Global distribution, so our fans of the manga and the anime may have to put their souls at peace.


This phone is Chinese edition and supports full GMS, Google Play Store, and OTA updating supported.

This phone supports 100+ languages: English, Chinese, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Japanese, French, Arabic, Russian and more(almost world's all languages).

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